Selected Writing

The Appeal

Four states could legalize marijuana next month (October 2020)

How Florida’s sluggish voter registration process sent ex-prisoners back to jail (October 2023)

The Atlantic

Many Chinese Americans saw this coming (April 2020)

When COVID-19 comes to Trump Country  (March 2020)

The Baffler

Plight of the Squeegee Kids: How Baltimore’s youth became pawns in a racist culture war (July 2019)

No Breakthrough in Sight: Washington, D.C., and the long life of housing segregation (May 2023)

Big Bad Wolf: Review of Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger (October 2023)

Balls and Strikes

John Roberts doesn’t understand how racism works (July 2023)

Bolts Mag

“An issue no one can see”: Watchdogs fault D.C. for ongoing solitary confinement  (February 2024)

Courthouse News Service

Congressman’s Post-Riot Suit Could Dismantle Hate Groups (February 2021)

How reparations went from the fringe to the headlines (May 2021)

The Fader

How artist Jacolby Satterwhite contributed to Solange’s When I Get Home film (March 2019)

Jewish Currents

What went wrong with identity politics? (June 2018)

The Messenger

John Eastman’s plan to overturn the 2020 election was rooted in a misreading of the Electoral Count Act (January 2022)

New York wants to curb gun violence, but the Supreme Court just loosened conceal-carry gun laws (June 2022)

Media Matters for America

A Texas assistant attorney general is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who tweets out violent threats and bigoted remarks (September 2020)

Marjorie Taylor Greene praised militia members, said women who are gun safety activists “need to grow some balls”  (August 2020)

It wasn’t just Sidney Powell. Fox repeated the same Dominion lies.  (January 2021)

The New Republic

The Caribbean immigrants who transformed Britain (June 2018)

Noam Chomsky does not think the planet is doomed (yet) (October 2020)


How the nation’s most punitive state for ex-felons expanded voting rights, for now (January 2021)

Talking Points Memo

A legal filing sheds some light on what may have happened to all those Jan. 6 text messages (August 2022)

How a conspiracy-theorizing documentary fueled a wave of voter intimidation in Arizona (October 2022)

How a rural California county became a petri dish for the Big Lie (April 2023)

Lawsuit alleges what victims of DeSantis’ sham election crimes force suspected—they were pawns for his 2024 bid (May 2023)

Washington City Paper

Double Exposure Film Festival trains its eye on Russia (October 2022)

Washington Monthly

To increase voter turnout, make voting fun (November 2018)

How Russian bots tried to inflame America’s Kavanaugh divide (October 2018)

How Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh weaponized their allegations (September 2018)


A ruling is expected soon in the obscure case that may determine whether you ever get to read the Mueller report (February 2019)

Two unusual schools are opening in DC. They couldn’t be more different. (January 2019)

Here’s what happened at Stormy Daniels’s Politics and Prose talk (December 2018)