Selected Writing

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When COVID-19 Comes to Trump Country // Newsletter (March 2020)

The Baffler

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Courthouse News Service

Congressman’s Post-Riot Suit Could Dismantle Hate Groups // Reportage (February 2021)

US Charges 3 N. Koreans With Cyber-Plots That Took in $1.3 Billion // Reportage (February 2021)

Media Matters for America

A Texas assistant attorney general is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who tweets out violent threats and bigoted remarks // Investigation (September 2020)

Marjorie Taylor Greene praised militia members, said women who are gun safety activists “need to grow some balls” // Investigation (August 2020)

It wasn’t just Sidney Powell. Fox repeated the same Dominion lies. // Investigation (January 2021)

The New Republic

Noam Chomsky Does Not Think the Planet Is Doomed (Yet) // Q&A (October 2020)

The Caribbean immigrants who transformed Britain // Q&A (June 2018)


How the Nation’s Most Punitive State for Ex-Felons Expanded Voting Rights, for Now // Reportage (January 2021)

Washington Monthly

To increase voter turnout, make voting fun // Reportage (November 2018)

How Russian bots tried to inflame America’s Kavanaugh divide // Reportage (October 2018)

How Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh weaponized their allegations // Opinion (September 2018)


These code words can keep you safe in Arlington bars // Reportage (March 2019)

A ruling is expected soon in the obscure case that may determine whether you ever get to read the Mueller report // Reportage (February 2019)

Two unusual schools are opening in DC. They couldn’t be more different. // Reportage (January 2019)

Here’s what happened at Stormy Daniels’s Politics and Prose talk // Reportage (December 2018)